Even with a light crunch, the teeth are over-stressed, and it comes to Abschleifspuren. Soon it leads to a toothache from teeth grinding, and in more severe cases, the teeth can deform, loosen and fail. The temporomandibular joints may also change painfully as a result of teeth grinding.

If the joint discs slip, those affected cannot even open their mouth correctly. Also, it can come, especially with the teeth grinding at night, to muscular tension in the neck and head area. As further gritted teeth, sore muscles, headaches, tension pain in the neck and shoulder area threaten, even the notorious tinnitus (ear noise) can occur through teeth grinding.

What Helps Against The Teeth Grinding?

There is no effective causal treatment of the symptoms, at least in the psychic form of crunching, one can only try with a therapy to recognize the mental causes and process. As a relative, friend or colleague, you can always point out to the person concerned what he is doing unconsciously.

When grinding teeth in sleep, among other things, a tooth splint or bite splint can protect the rows of teeth against nocturnal crunching and prevent a toothache caused by teeth grinding. Also, a massage therapy, heat treatment and even autogenic training, yoga and Thai chi can help to finish nocturnal teeth grinding and the symptoms of bruxism.